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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Worcester, MA

Skillful Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our criminal defense attorneys in Spencer and Worcester, Massachusetts, are experienced with a variety of criminal law cases. At the Law Office of Ernest T. Biando LLC and associates, Mr. Biando and Mr. Roode use every legal means to vigorously fight for your rights when you are charged with a crime.

Secure Your Rights

If your freedoms and future are at risk because of an arrest for a serious criminal offense in Worcester or elsewhere in Western or Central Massachusetts, the experienced criminal defense attorney who works hard to protect your rights is Ernest T. Biando. Our law firm's founder brings valuable experience as both a former policeman and an advocate to the safeguarding of your interests.

Fight for Your Rights

Secure Your Rights

Under Investigation

Mr. Biando has access to expert investigative resources who can research the circumstances of your arrest. He also brings his fact-finding to skillfully negotiate with prosecutors and, if discussions are not productive, he will aggressively represent your goals with persuasive presentations in the courtroom.

Sound Legal Advice

Ernest T. Biando's 15 years in law enforcement uniquely qualifies him to represent you when you are arrested for drunk driving, multiple offense DUI/OUI, underage DUI/OUI, college student crimes, college student DUI/OUI, drug charges, assault and battery, sex crimes, and domestic violence. Mr. Biando's participation in hundreds of cases has built a significant, recognized reputation for positive results.

His dedication to attentive personal service throughout the legal process means he is always available to address your questions and concerns and promote the peace of mind you need at a difficult time in your life.

Contact us for legal services that improve your chances for the best possible outcome. Our office is conveniently located in Worcester, Massachusetts, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced criminal defense attorneys.